Helping Business Owners Exit Successfully

As Certified NAVIX Consultants, we help business owners plan for and achieve an exit strategy, defined in their own terms, and resulting in financial freedom and sustainable business legacies.

What We Do

NAVIX helps business owners navigate and achieve happy exits. We have learned that successful exits require planning and execution.

Business owners who do not plan have fewer options and risk losing control of the process. And owners who do not execute face falling short of their goals. We are unique because we help navigate both exit planning and execution, getting both the owner and business ready for exit.

Move into your true opportunity!

Are You Ready to take your business to the next level?

Our team of experienced and highly trained Strategists and Consultants help business owners envision and define their successful exit.  The NAVIX team will follow a dual-track process that focuses on preparing both the business and the owner{s} for their future exit, guiding development and   implementation of your plan in an effective, timely, and cost-efficient manner. Exit planning is a team sport so we coordinate our work with your tax, accounting, legal and other advisors.

Exit planning is what we do.  NAVIX clients pay a flat, no-surprise monthly retainer fee for as long as we are providing value. We strive to do work with our clients from now all the way until they happily exit.

NAVIX Professionals

NAVIX is comprised of a team of experienced and highly trained professionals. Our advisors take a hands-on approach to help business owner clients chart and follow a course that builds business value and achieves exit success.

Why We Exist

We believe that closely held business owners make the world a freer place by creating jobs, serving customers, innovating markets, paying taxes, and expanding the economy.

Our Mission

Our mission is help closely held businesses plan for and execute successful exits: achieving financial freedom, creating a sustainable legacy, and exiting on their own terms.

Watch our informational video series to learn how we help you build a better exit strategy.

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