As Gallup Certified Executive Strengths Coaches we support CEOs, business owners and their leadership teams globally.  We assist these leaders in addressing what Gallup calls the performance challenge of the 21st Century;

Building a culture of engaged collaboration and partnership to win in the marketplace.

As a business leader, Strength-based Executive Coaching helps you identify and leverage the best version of yourself, achieve your business and personal goals and enjoy an excellent quality of life.

At PMP, we consider focusing on strengths as a distinct alternative to fixing weaknesses.  Trying to fix weaknesses or “weakness fixing” may prevent failure, but it does not lead to success. This does not mean we ignore or deny weaknesses, only that fixing weaknesses is not a good development strategy.

Other benefits include:

  • Maximizing the engagement and performance of your teams.
  • Driving sales development, hospitality-driven customer service and retention.
  • Focusing on people as the engine to quickly become a trusted partner gaining the respect of all, and then guiding leaders to use a strengths-based approach to effectively act on their obligation to develop themselves, their teams and business.

There are many perspectives on how to use Gallup’s Strengths information. Although a number of interesting ideas circulate on this, we can all agree that deciding to make an investment in strength-based leadership excellence should be understood for how it will align with and support corporate culture and purpose.

Gallup’s STRENGTHS APPROACH is based on the study of and creating a pathway to excellence.  The goal is to create a culture of engaged collaboration and partnership to win in the marketplace. The underlying belief is “we are never so strong as we are when we have our strengths in mind”. Strengths applicability can be diverse and include such areas as individual performance effectiveness / development, team performance excellence, well-being and succession planning.

Successfully incorporating strengths into an organizations language and culture, making them actionable, requires four building blocks:

The Top 5 assessment identifies and creates awareness for an individual’s dominant talents.

Basic strength education
Leaders and individuals gain awareness and appreciation of the various talents beyond their own, their applicability, and how talents complement each other.

Leaders and all participants begin to invest in claiming, developing, utilizing and aiming their talents at their responsibilities.

Team Workshops
Leaders and teams understand, respect, appreciate and leverage collective talents to accelerate achievement of business objectives.

As we get deeper into the topic we learn that “strengths” is a relative term as there is an important distinction between talents, talent themes, strengths and domains. This becomes especially relevant to address beliefs and assumptions about how far an organization can be moved through not only strength identification, but in coming to appreciate, value, access and leverage each other’s talents.  Although there is always some bump in excellence just from strength identification, the level of impact possible is in direct relationship to how an organization acts on the information.

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