Our mission has always been to help CEO’s, business owners and their businesses develop, grow and successfully transition.  We work exclusively with already successful organizations, supporting professional and personal growth, individual pride and well-being, company spirit and sound financial performance…today and tomorrow.

Experience teaches us that when business owners and leaders connect people to organizational purpose, support systems, operational structures and personal values the result is they increase the stability and value of their brand and accelerate profitability today.  And tomorrow, when the business owners are ready for a successful exit, having made those decisions along the way serves their readiness and strengthens their ability to navigate a well-planned, orderly and happy exit on their own terms.

To ensure capabilities and competencies, PMP has affiliated with two world-class companies – NAVIX Consultants and Gallup International. We work with CEO’s, business owners and senior executives as certified executive coaches and NAVIX Exit Planning Strategists.

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