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PMP Solutions, Inc.(PMP) helps leaders of successful closely held businesses clarify aspirations and strategies that build value and achieve orderly transition. We guide CEO’s through the organizational, professional and personal challenges that need be addressed to grow and achieve exit success on their own terms.

Solid business practice builds enterprise value which ensures owners will meet their personal and financial goals upon exit. Our experience and competencies help them focus on their opportunity and plan for an orderly transition.

Our methods assist leaders with personal and professional growth, organizational purpose, team member engagement, customer experience and driving financial performance.

Years of extensive professional experience has taught us that genuine efforts for connecting people to organizational purpose, support systems, operational structures and personal values is key to accelerating brand growth and maximizing profits today.

And tomorrow, when ready… these same key organizational components inform a business owner’s capacity and readiness to navigate an orderly and happy exit on their own terms.

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